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Why Unique Customs WebWorks?

A Web site can be a powerful tool for reaching current and prospective members, supporters, or customers.

However, most people surf the Web looking for specific information, products, or services. And they will leave a site in less than a minute if it loads too slowly, does not work properly, or is so confusing they cannot find what they want.

How can your site avoid this fate? The answer is creating sites that are:

  • Well-written and informative;
  • Clearly and logically organized, with a consistent navigation structure;
  • Responsive and easy to use, even on a slow dial-up connection;
  • Visually appealing and appropriately interactive;
  • Listed on major Internet directories and search engines.

A site that meets these criteria will project a positive, professional image for you, your organization, or your business. And it will help you to reach new and existing members, supporters, or customers in a timely, cost-effective way.

To learn more about my approach to Web design, or to have your site designed in this way, please contact me at sherry@sherrystock.com.