Independent & Structured Living Programs For Traumatically Brain Injured Adults.  KMS, Inc. is located in Portland, Oregon. We have one facility that is located in the southeast part of Portland. Public transportation, shopping and a variety of businesses are all within five (5) blocks of our location. We also utilize the Community College campus and Portland State University for our transitional clients.  

KMS is a Community Based Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program. Our different programmatic options include:

KMS also provides Case Management Services in all of the aforementioned options.

Transitional Program: This program is designed to assist the individual to return home, to school, to work and back into the community. The program is designed to help individuals become as independent and as functional as possible.

Long-term / Maintenance Program: his program is designed to assist the individual to become as independent and functional as possible within a structured setting. The individual has recognized deficits that prohibit living independently within the community.

Community / In-Home Program: This program is designed and implemented where the person resides outside of our program. In this setting families and / or significant others are taught how to implement and run programs we design to meet their particular needs. The individual is working toward independence and functional levels and may or may not need a structured setting. This individual could be either transitional or long-term / maintenance.

Address: Kampfe Management Services, IncPO Box 3006 Clackamas, OR 97015-3006 Phone: (503) 788-3266 Fax: (503) 788-0820 Email: kms@kampfemanagement.com State License Number: 5896222

 Oregon Advocacy Center is an independent non-profit organization which provides legal advocacy services for people with disabilities anywhere in Oregon. OAC is designated under federal law as the protection and advocacy system for Oregon, but it is not a part of the state or federal government. OAC has attorneys and advocates who assist people with disabilities.

OAC offers free legal assistance and other advocacy services to individuals who are considered to have physical or mental disabilities. OAC works only on legal problems which relate directly to the disability.

OAC staff gives advice and information about the rights of people with disabilities. This includes advice about civil rights, special education, health care, rights to public and private services, guardianship and rights in care facilities. OAC can investigate complaints of abuse and neglect in care facilities and programs. OAC can assist persons with disabilities in advocating for treatment, support or educational services.

OAC is involved in state and local policy advocacy through participation in rule making, system planning, legislation and policy development that affect the rights of people with disabilities.

Oregon Advocacy Center, 620 S.W. Fifth Avenue, 5th Floor Portland, Oregon 97204-1428 503-243-2081 (Phone) 503-323-9161 (TTY) 1-800-452-1694 (Phone) 1-800-556-5351 (TTY)

Progressive Rehabilitation Associates

Progressive Rehabilitation Associates,
with offices in Portland and Eugene, are skilled in providing the highest quality of healthcare and rehabilitation services for individuals who suffer from disabling conditions such as Traumatic Brain Injury, Spinal Cord Injury, Fibromyalgia, Headaches, and back pain to name a few.

Our treatment team is multidisciplinary and includes physicians, psychologists, and other rehabilitation professionals. We utilize self-management techniques to help you reduce pain and improve your quality of life.  Our program recognizes that each person is an individual. We are committed to the highest standards of patient care which includes mutual respect and support.  Our staff is highly skilled and trained in the complex treatment required to help you return to a more active lifestyle. We will guide you through the treatment that is most appropriate.

Portland (Main Office)
1815 SW Marlow, suite 110, Portland, OR 97225, Phone: 503-292-0765, Fax: 503-292-5208, Toll Free 800-320-0681, Referral Coordinator: kristint@progrehab.com, Customer Service: bob@progrehab.com

1090 Gateway Loop, Springfield, OR 97477, Phone: 541-698-9417, Fax: 541-687-9631, Toll Free 800-320-2735, Referral Coordinator: Jennifer@progrehab.com, Office Manager: Gloria@progrehab.com


Swanson, Thomas and Coon are an AV rated Portland, Oregon plaintiff law firm of attorneys practicing Workers' Compensation, Personal Injury, Social Security, Product Liability, Appeals, Long Term Disability, ERISA, Longshore and Medical Malpractice, and Appeal law. We represent clients involved in accidents with trucks, autos, bicycles, construction sites, machinery malfunction, as well as exposure to toxic substances such as asbestos, resulting in serious injuries such as mesothelioma, catastrophic injuries, brain damage and death.

Address: American Bank Building, 621 Morrison Street Suite 900, Portland, Oregon 97205-3892, Phone: 503-228-5222 Fax: 503-273-9175

The Neurological Rehabilitation Program includes outpatient individual and group therapies, emphasizing thinking skills, self-awareness and adjustment, communication and social skills, and physical strength and coordination. The program also stresses improved functioning in home, community and work settings.

Typically, program participants are past the stage of initial hospitalization and recovery. They have the capacity to learn and the potential to increase their independence, adjustment and productivity.

Therapeutic activities are offered during the day, with individuals returning home each evening. For those not living in Seattle, on-campus apartments are available.

The rehabilitation team is comprised of specialists in neuropsychology, speech and language pathology, physical therapy, occupational therapy and vocational rehabilitation. The program emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach through group therapies.

If a medical referral is needed, Virginia Mason has diagnostic facilities and a group practice of almost 400 physicians, including specialists in physical medicine and rehabilitation.

The neurological rehabilitation team determines patientsí individual strengths and weaknesses, suitability for the program and specific rehabilitation goals. This evaluation assesses thinking and communication skills, psychosocial adjustment and physical abilities, independent living skills and vocational potential.

For more information, call (206) 341-0847.



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