The Governor's Task Force on Traumatic Brain Injury

Chair, Steven Johnson
Vice Chair, F. William Olson

Governor John A. Kitzhaber, M.D. formed The Governor's Task Force on Traumatic Brain Injury with Executive Order NO. 01 02 on April 3, 2001. The Center for Disease Control estimates that approximately 5.3 million Americans suffer from disabilities related to brain injury, a total exceeding that of each of the following: persistent mental illness, Alzheimer's, stroke, epilepsy, cerebral palsy or spinal cord injury. In Oregon, no State agency is charged with lead responsibility for programs to address the problems of persons with brain injury. The purpose of the Task Force is to investigate and prepare a report with recommendations on specified tasks relating to being more responsive to persons with Traumatic Brain Injury and their families.

The Task Force will review, analyze, and recommend changes as needed in the State’s response and disability-related programs and policies to help us prepare for the future.

The Task Force is charged with:

    a:Analyze and make recommendations regarding a coordinated state agency response to brain injury which focuses on the needs of persons with brain injury. This task should take special note of the results of input provided by brain injury survivors, family members and services providers during town meetings conducted jointly by the Department of Education and the Brain Injury Association of Oregon.

    b: Explore sources of funding for a TBI Trust Fund to be used to provide support and assistance to survivors which will help them in their efforts to reclaim their lives, develop their abilities to function more independently and enable them to be integrated into and make their contribution to society.

    c:Review the costs and benefits of establishing an Oregon TBI Registry and TBI Surveillance Program. The review shall include consideration of the experience of other states with similar programs.

    d:Review and make recommendations regarding the establishment of a Brain Injury Advisory Council in order to advise the Governor and the Legislative Assembly on the needs of persons with brain injuries, and the coordination of the delivery of services to persons with brain injuries and their families.

    e:Propose such legislation as may be necessary to implement the recommendations of the Task Force.

    f:The Task Force may submit an interim report and recommendation on one or more of the preceding tasks if it determines it to be necessary or desirable.

The Governor's Task Force on Traumatic Brain Injury is supported by grant number 1 H21MC00043-01 from the Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration, Maternal and Child Health Bureau.
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