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TBI Brain Injury
Advisory Board

Task D ~ Brain Injury Advisory Board (or Council or Commission)

1. Evaluate proposal(s) for creating an advisory council or commission on TBI

2. Review executive orders and legislation of other states creating such bodies

3. Review models from other established Oregon advisory bodies

4. Recommend on establishment of advisory board

Task D Materials/Background info and examples from other states and agencies

1. Brain Injury Association general info on advisory councils

2. Brain Injury Advisory Council Talking Points

3. August 1999 summary report of 7 states

4. Summary by State of Dedicated Trust Funds for Persons with Brain and/or Spinal Cord Injuries

5. Governor

6. GovernorColorado

7. Maine- research and findings

8. Missouri Head Injury Advisory Council

9. New Hampshire ~ Advisory Council on Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries

10. New Jersey TBI Advisory Council Executive Order

11. New Mexico Brain injury Advisory Council History

12. Texas - TBI Advisory Council By-Laws

13. Listing of additional resources available via internet

Additional internet Links and information:

Arizona Statue Creating Advisory Council ArizonaGovCouncilStatute.pdf

Oregon state boards and commissions, approximately 200 boards and commissions. This booklet contains a description of each of those boards.

Listed under the name of each board is:

  • The statute (ORS), executive order (EO), administrative rule (OAR), House Bill (HB), Senate Bill (SB) or Public Law (PL) that authorizes it;
  • If Senate confirmation of the Governor
  • The total number of members on the board and how many the Governor appoints;
  • The position requirements (if any) for the members appointed by the Governor.



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