The Governor's Task Force on Traumatic Brain Injury

Meeting of August 22, 2002

Review Discuss Task Force Report Outline
Discuss Q&A on Registry by Mel Kohn

The fourth meeting of the Oregon Brain Injury Task Force was called to order at 12:35pm on September 26 in the Department of Education Building, Room 251 A, in Salem by Bill Olson.

Task Force Members: Bryan Andresen, Rep.Vic Backlund, Mary Bunch, Kris Kennedy, Bill Olson, Eric Peterson, Claudia Roberts
Associate Task Force Member: Martha Morvant
Guest: Lisa Millet standing in for Mel Kohn
Staff: Sherry Stock
Absent: Bill Allen, Randall Chestnut, Carol Christofero-Snider, Steve Johnson, Mel Kohn, Anna Mallard, Sandra Moreland, Sen. Bill Morrisette, Laurel Russell.

Bill Olson welcomed all attendees to the meeting. Minutes from the August 22, 2002, meeting were approved with minor corrections. Bill introduced the two newest members of the task force: Kristine Kennedy from Voc Rehab, and Claudia Roberts from SAIF Corporation.

Bill Olson and Sherry Stock reviewed the information in the agenda packets.

Review Discuss Task Force Report Outline

  • Focus: The purpose of the task force is to cover areas not typically covered.
  • Important to make the first paragraph of each section have a summary of the basic information in that section and it should be very strong.
  • Support with strong background information, illustrations, and supporting examples from other states, Backup information is very important.
  • Use 'challenges' rather than 'disabilities.'
  • Introduction: Suggested change: Brain Injury: Defined. How it is unique.

Discuss Q&A on Registry by Mel Kohn

  • Lisa Millet filling in for Mel Kohn;
    Presented from Hospital discharge data:
    • 5028 TBIs 1999-2000 for all ages
    • 65.5% males
    • 26% 19 years and under
    • 41% from MV Traffic Accident
    • 34.5% from falls
    • Average overall age is 41 with average length of stay 6 days
    • Average for 17 and under is 9 years old and stay of 4.4 days
  • What evidence do we have that a registry helps with prevention strategy?
    o identifies areas to focus prevention efforts on; example: helmets and BI in children leading to helmet laws.
    o Without registry don't have aftercare background data for prevention

    Reviewed What Makes BI Unique? Determine Need to Address in Report and agreed that some of the statements might be used in the report.

Discussed the Q & A on Special Education by Steve Johnson & Related Items

Discussion of Q & A on Developmental Disabilities by Janna Starr

  • Kris Kennedy said that in the past the SFP (Special Funds Programs) had only so many slots for TBI-now there is universal access and that slots are filled upon need rather than stated label.

Survey Status & Responses

  • Currently about 15 survey's have been received.
  • Survivors are reporting fewer problems than family members
  • Jane-ellen and DHS has promised to print and sent out survey's to providers

    Advisory Council & Trust Fund - Draft Legislation & Sources of Financing

Group decided to write legislation as drafted with following additions:

  • Funds will come from $5 increase on drivers licenses reinstatements
  • Additional section added to include registry
  • Change wording to state that Commission will select chair
  • Commission will meet at least 4 times per year
  • Sherry will create a number of budgets based on project revenues covering:
    o Commission
    o Commission and office-one full time staff/Director
    o Commission, office and registry
    o Commission, office, registry and full time prevention coordinator
  • Draft will be written and presented at next meeting for approval

  • Vic Backlund and Bill Morrisette will walk bill around in pre-session circulating one sheet Executive Summary of legislation

    Coordinated State Response

    Summarize Discussion & Conclusions

    Schedule and Tasks to be Completed

    • Bill and Sherry will send specific requests to Task Force members to be fulfilled asap

    Next meeting will be October 14, 2002.

    4:30 pm

    Meeting was adjourned at 4:00 pm., will be sent out as soon as possible.


    Minutes submitted by: Sherry Stock

  • The Governor's Task Force on Traumatic Brain Injury is supported by grant number 1 H21MC00043-01 from the Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration, Maternal and Child Health Bureau.
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